Spring is In the Air

The Upper Arkansas Valley avoided the big snow storm that hit the front range. We have had some wind today, but the sun is shining and it is a nice day! Tomorrow looks like it will be even nicer and then a storm is coming for Sunday, but that means the blue wing olives will be hatching and the fishing will be fantastic. One of the great things about the area is all of the diverse things to do around here. People are coming up for spring break and going skiing one day to the west, four wheeling or mountain bike riding the next day and then a day on the river fishing. There is still lots of snow in the big mountains to the west and spring like conditions to the east of us. Come on up to BV and GET OUTSIDE.



This has been an amazing winter in the Upper Arkansas Valley! We have had a lot snow and it has stuck around for a change creating some really great winter sports opportunities. There are some great low land places for Cross Country Skiing right here in the valley with no risk of Avalanches! Come by the Hi Rocky and we can show some of these great spots.



The weather has been unseasonably warm this fall making hunting very difficult for the Elk Hunters. The elk have moved out of the High Country for the most part and are now down in the valleys mostly on private land. The best opportunities are on public landS adjacent to the private parcels. Some of the bigger bulls are still hanging high in the back country where they are extremely hard to get to. That's why they are big!

The deer hunters have been  more successful because the deer are still lingering in the foot hills and not just staying on private land. If you want to see some really big bucks just drive around the Town of Buena Vista and they are laying in peoples yards!

The weather is supposed to cool down for the weekend with a chance of some snow; which would help a lot! Come prepared and be ready to walk long distances in search of the elusive Wapiti. 



Hunting Season!!!

The big game hunting seasons have begun in the Hi Country! The second rifle season starts on October 22 and ends on October 30th. It has been hot and dry in the Upper Arkansas Valley. The elk have moved out of the higher elevations and down into the valley because everything is so dry. They can still be found in the valleys where there are creeks, but many of them have moved into the flats and onto private land. They leave early in the morning and head up into the forest to be down so that is the best chance of finding them on public lands.  

The northern end of the Arkansas Valley has had a little more moisture and more elk can be found on the front face of Quail Mountain, Mt. Elbert and MT Massive.

We have had some snow on the peaks, but not enough to stay around. In many places the elk are still bugling.

Spring is in the air!

Fishing this weekend is going to be great all over the valley. The Arkansas River is really waking up and the CADDIS are coming! The hatch is moving up stream and he warm weather coming will really get them going. Many of the Lakes are opening up and ice off fishing is the best there is. Stop by the Hi Rocky and check out or new Sporting Goods area and stock up for some great spring fishing!

Water water!


We have had an amazing amount of wet weather in the valley this spring. The mountains are covered in white which is a great thing for summer fun. The rafting will be fantastic, but right now the river is all about fishing. The flows are still low enough for some great fishing up and down the valley. The whole area is incredibly green and beautiful and soon the wild flowers will be popping up all over. 

Spring is Back!

We had 2 feet of snow on April 17th. Wow! The mountains are beautiful and the best thing is now everything is green.  The fishing is great in the area this year spring check out the fishing report! Also check out the nice fish the Hi Rocky Store manager caught this weekend!



Cottonwood Lake

Thanks to the Crew from Chaffee County and Bobbie Propernick for keeping the road open to Cottonwood Lake! This provide some great recreational opportunities for local and visitors alike and without their hard work all those Skiers, Fishermen and Snowshoers would have a much harder time getting to the Lake.

Lake Trout Fishing Derby

The Twin Lakes fishing Derby starts this weekend at Twin Lakes Colorado!! This is an Ice Fishing only Derby at Twin Lakes. This Derby is always great fun and there are some terrific prizes. The master fisherman could win up to $1500.00 is they could catch the biggest in all 5 species of fish. The Hi Rocky Store has a large supply of everything you need to catch the Trophy Fish. We have sucker meat, tube jigs, Havoc sick fish, Airplane jigs, Swedish Pimples, meal worms, power bait and night crawlers. Stop by on your way to the Derby!!

Mountains of Fun

Why stay in the city this weekend when the Weather in the Upper Arkansas Valley is going to be great and there are so many amazing outdoor adventures to do in the Mountains. The Mountains to the west are great for Snow Shoeing, Snowmobiling and Cross Country Skiing. The Mountains to the East are great for Hiking, Biking and Rock climbing. The Arkansas River is going to be amazing this weekend for fishing as the days warm up and Ice fishing around the area has been fantastic. The best thing of all is that its all free fun!!

Welcome to our New Web Page!!

Welcome to the new and improved web site for the Hi Rocky Store! We are very excited about our new site, we have lots of new things going on and we will be posting information about the area as exciting things happen. We are also starting to offer some of our most popular products ON-Line. We have our 2 most popular Buena Vista T-shirts and Jewelry by local artist Sheri Cunnigham made with local stones and fishing swivels. We will also be having fishing special through out the year with what you need to catch fish in the Upper Arkansas Valley! More products will be added as we grow and improve our product line.

Again Welcome and Thank You for stopping by!

Antero to be Drained!!!

Antero Reservoir is going to be drained again in 2015 so that dam work can be done again. Antero is one of the most productive reservoirs in the area producing lots of really large fish every year. This is the 3rd time the reservoir has been drained over the last 25 years. I usually takes 4-7 years for the reservoir to refill and the fisheries to come back. The Division of Parks and Wildlife has increased the limit on fish to 8 with no size restrictions in an effort to remove as many fish as possible before the lake goes dry. A great opportunity to catch and harvest some really nice fish, but a sad day for the fisheries.

Buena Vista Area Hunting Report - November 5, 2014

The elk and deer are in the best shape I have seen in years. There is so much grass in the mountains in the trees in the meadows it is everywhere. Many of the elk have finally moved down into the valley and can be found on the Heckendorf State Wildlife Area and other areas in the valley. The Division of Wildlife has some new hunting leases outside of Buena Vista and there have been some elk seen on these new properties. The 3rd rifle season has been better for hunting that the first 2 seasons. There are more elk down out of the high country and some of the bigger bucks have begun moving into the area. This weekend looks like it should be a great one for hunting and we do have a little fresh snow on the peaks.

Hi Rocky Store Fishing Report - November 5, 2014

The fall weather continues to be amazing and the river is still fishing great! We are having very cool nights now, but no snow in the valley and the days are amazingly warm. This warm weather brings out the bugs and gets the fish feeding. The brown trout finishing up their spawning and soon will begin feeding in earnest to put on fat before the winter. Blue wing olives are still coming off in the river and on really nice warm days a few grasshoppers can still be found. The browns can be induced to strike large lures like Kastmasters as they defend their spawning territories.

Twin lakes: The Lake Trout are into their spawning phase and will be more difficult to catch in the first part of November. Large Tube jigs or larger lures like Kastmasters and Rapalas are the best bet right now. The rainbow fishing has been good all around the lake using Orange Power bait, Salmon Eggs and Pistol Petes. Night crawlers have been working really well at the mouth of the powerplant. The south shore of Twin lakes is always a good place to catch rainbows and it is a nice hike for those who like to get out. The boat Ramp is closed at Twin Lakes.

The Mt. Elbert Forebay is a very good lake for fishing. You can catch Rainbow Trout, Snake River Cutthroats and Lake Trout. Pistol Petes tipped with meal worms are working best for the rainbows and the cutthroats. Night Crawlers work well on the west end below a bubble and small flies work very well along the dam. Some large Lake Trout can be caught in the Forebay using large lures like Kastmaster and Rapalas

Clear Creek Reservoir is really good fishing all around the lake. Rainbows are hitting well on silver kastmasters and buoyant lures. The boat ramp is closed to boating for the season. Fishing has been excellent at clear creek and there are some really nice fishing being caught. Night Crawlers and gold/red buoyant lures are working best. Clear Creek continues to be one of the fishing hotspots in the area. The Kokanee are running up the river at Clear Creek and snagging has been great. We have snagging hooks!

Cottonwood Lake is a very good fishing the lake is beautiful, the trees have lost their color but the fishing is still great! The fish are hitting Pistol Petes green and black egg sucking leaches. Salmon eggs and rainbow powerbait are also working well. Night crawlers have been working especially well this week.

Turquoise Lake: Fishing for rainbows using salmon eggs and orange glitter powerbait has been very good. Fish large tube jigs on the bottom and bounce them off the bottom a lot to catch the lake trout. The Lake Trout have started spawning along the south shore in the rocks and will hit larger tube jigs and lures as they defend their territory. Turquoise Lake has been very good this fall and some nice rainbows are being caught in the upper end.

Chalk Lake is a good fishing lake and is a great place to take the kids. Night crawlers, salmon eggs and orange powerbait are all working well. Casting bouyant lures into the fast water also works. Drifting Pistol Petes in the current is very effective.

Wrights lake is open and has been great fishing all fall. Dead Chickens and bead head pheasant tail nymphs are working best at Wrights Lake.